Leaders may approach us at times knowing there is an issue with the current organizational climate. This may be gleaned from a company-wide engagement survey or more simply, just a gut feeling that things can be better. A top executive at a mid-size private-sector company approached us in just this way knowing she was having an issue with trust across and below her leadership team. We spent time with the leader along with a number of employees from across her department to better understand their experience with leadership. Through this exercise and ongoing one-on-one coaching with members of the leadership team, we were able to make key recommendations that provided both immediate and long-term impact in the department. We were able to measure this effectiveness through ongoing micro-surveys as well as the larger, annual engagement survey.


When it comes to culture change, many leaders and HR professionals get stuck. How can this be with with all the years of experience and resources covering a range of best practices at your disposal? However, best practices are a general rule of thumb, but engaging and listening to your employees yields powerful results every time. People Factor was brought in to a large private-sector company seeking to enhance their stagnant culture by offering more flexible work opportunities for employees. Instead of just providing them the textbook on flexible work arrangements, we conducted several interactive employee experience sessions to understand employee's attitudes and emotions on the topic. We then had the employees create the plan of action that they believe would yield the greatest impact. Not only did leadership give employees a voice, which alone increases engagement, but they no longer had to play the guessing game -- they were able to get unstuck. They also quickly learned that what works down the street may not work in their company. Many of the suggestions felt counter-intuitive based on what they read or previously experienced, but they received the critical employee stamp of approval and it worked.


Clients often approach People Factor wanting to get their newly-formed leadership team up and running at peak performance in a timely manner. A department chair at a large, private university had recently been hired into his role and also recently made some personnel changes across his leadership team. Now that the team was solidified, the leader was most concerned about his ability to effectively gel his team and foster the groundwork for strong collaboration across his faculty leaders. People Factor put together an approach that included one-on-one coaching with the department chair and quarterly team interventions that included the use of the Strength Deployment Inventory to maximize effectiveness across the team. In addition we ran several Leader Impact Sessions which provided live-time feedback to the leader in a safe, constructive environment. People Factor maintained an ongoing consultative role with the team over the course of the first year and followed with ongoing, individual consultation to ensure the team continued on the right path and functioned at a high level.